FAQ. Your Questions Answered.

What makes your firm different than others?

These are some of the most important key elements that make us unique:

  • We are 100% independent. We are not owned by a bank, insurance company, or wirehouse. We don’t have quotas to meet or outside ownership that requires us to “sell” specific products or force our clients to invest in certain securities. By being independent, we seek to be objective and unbiased in the recommendations we make to our clients.
  • We specialize. While we have the expertise to serve clients from all walks of life and in varying circumstances, our unique value proposition is suited mainly for those self employed professionals and entrepreneurs to assist deal with the personal and business challenges standing in the way of achieving their purpose and the soon to be or newly retired.
  • Our Approach is first centered around helping our clients identify their unique goals and ambitions through our WealthScript process. Only then do we begin to explore the financial components surrounding it.
What does it mean to be "Independent'? How are we different from the large Banks, Insurance Companies and Broker Dealers we know of?
  • Independent does not mean isolated or alone. The firm responsible for compliance, supervision, and processing of our business is Cambridge Investment Research, Inc and Cambridge Investment Research Advisors, Inc. (collectively “CIR”), one of the nation’s largest and most respected independent broker-dealer / Registered Investment Adviser firms. CIR has over 2500 affiliated adviser / reps throughout the country. Additionally, our clients funds are customarily custodied at Pershing, LLC, Assetmark Trust or directly held at the Mutual Fund or Insurance Company for the investment solution recommended. Click here for an additional explanation of what it means to work with and Independent Broker Dealer Representative.
Do you have account minimums?
  • We do impose a very hard minimum at our firm, at a minimum, we have to like you! (and you us!). Our process is different from other Advisory Firms and every client and every situation is unique. As you can see below, our services are provided in different ways and the amount or size of a client’s investable assets are not determinative of whether we may be the right fit for you.  In our first meeting of getting to know each other, we are able to assess your needs and situation and make a proposal to work together that we think works best for both you and us.
How much will it cost for me to work with you?
  • The fee for our Wealth Script is done on a flat fee basis. The flat fee ranges from $1,500 – $3,000.  Should our relationship being with Investment Management of at least $250,000, we will waive the WealthScript Fee.
  • Once we are hired to provide our Wealth Management on an ongoing basis, our fees largely depend on what services we’re providing. Our revenue is derived from fees charged for management of investments and financial planning advice. For investments held directly with a Mutual Fund company or within a Qualified Retirement Account, our payment may be in the form of commissions built within the costs of such investments. We will always go to great lengths for you to understand how we are compensated for any recommendation given as we feel it is a vital component of assessing whether such recommendation is appropriate for you.
How do we get paid?
  • After we have completed your Wealth Script and decide to hire us for ongoing Wealth Management, our fees are typically charged an annual basis calculated based on Assets Under Management, billed quarterly in advance under the following schedule*:
    $250,000 – $500,000 1.00% Advisory Fee
    $500,000 – $1,000,000 0.85% Advisory Fee
    $1,000,000 – $2,000,000 0.70% Advisory Fee
    $2,000,000 – $3,000,000 0.60% Advisory Fee
    $3,000,0000 and above Negotiable

    * – Money Management fees and costs of investments are in addition to advisory fee. Advisory fees are tiered.

  • Non-Investment Flat Rate and Hourly Engagements available on case by case basis.
  • Fees will be charged in advance on a pro-rated, quarterly basis of the assets that are under management. In most cases, we will work in conjunction with world-class, institutional Portfolio Strategists who will additionally oversee day-to-day asset allocation and manager selection. These strategists may include: