How We Do It

How We Do It – The Wealth Script

Your work with Stephen A. Taylor Wealth Management begins as we walk you through our Wealth Script. We feel that this process is vital to understanding the value we bring as a firm and what sets us apart. While we realize we aren’t a fit for every client, for the right client, we feel that we are the perfect fit!


What is your Origin Story? Where have you been and where are you now?
Do you have a full understanding of all your assets and liabilities?
What questions or concerns keep you up at night?


Create a Plan

Where do I want to go?
What plans have been put into place already either knowingly or unknowingly?
What are my priorities and goals? What am I working for?


Risk Factors

Do I fully understand the risk and reward of each decision I make?
Am I a Risk Taker, Risk Averse or somewhere in the middle?
Are my actions in line with the amount of Risk I am willing to take?



What Investments of my time and money have I made and why?
How will these personal and monetary investments get me to where I want to be?
Do I understand the true costs of these investments and what my other options are?



What steps have I taken to protect my investments from the risks I am willing to take?
Which risks can I plan for, which risks can I not plan for and how do I know the difference?
What happens to those who rely on me for support if the unexpected occurs?



Am I focused on creating, growing or passing along my wealth?
What written plan do I have in place to provide for and protect my Spouse and Children in case of my untimely passing?
What do I want my Legacy to look like?