What Makes Us Different

Trusted Advice.

Through our transparent and clear fee structure, conflict free advice and eductional process, our clients can see that our advice truly has their best interest in mind and can be trusted.


We are a firm made up of independent wealth advisors, free of the conflict of the larger firms, with our clients Best Interests as our prime directive. We execute our strategies and recommendations through Cambridge Investment Research, Inc. and Cambridge Investment Research Advisors, Inc. which are recognized as two of the top independent firms in the Country.


We are constantly analyzing and researching industry trends and the rules governing the game to find strategies and opportunities to skate towards where the puck is going, not where it is at. Opportunities always exist for those searching for them and our search never ends.


Our interests are directly in line with your yours. We recommend and implement strategies which are in your Best Interest. By holding ourselves to the Best Interest Standard, we are committed to putting our clients interests before ours.

Planning Strategies.

Wealth creation is a function of both creation, growth and protection with each playing an equally important role. We educate and plan taking into account the risks and rewards of each path to expect the best but plan for the unintended.


Your Vision is our Passion. By walking you through our Wealth Script, we help create your personl plan to guide and assist you to identify your core beliefs and goals, and take the necessary steps to make those goals a reality!